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 Art is Alive
it moves, it breathes…
it transforms

In Los Angeles Art District

Joseph “Nuke” Montalvo, Erick “Duke” Montenegro, Rogelio “Angst” Cabral with
Founder and International Director, Helen Samuels

In the ‘80s Los Angeles was fired up with a grave amount of social unrest and violence resulting from escalating gang violence, racial unrest, riots, oppression and lack of options due to poverty. For the youth and residents in all too many neighborhoods daily life was bleak, dangerous and threatening.


In the midst of all this, Earth Crew 2000 was created by bringing together a collective of Graffiti writers from different crews and cultural backgrounds willing to bravely paint murals with solutions and messages of unification with the same passion and spirit of the Mexican Muralism tradition known worldwide for their highly visible public art statements. Earth Crew 2000 also made murals bringing attention to the impending perils of environmental degradation and the greatness of the Root People… the Indigenous nations and cultures of Los Angeles and the Americas.


The Earth Crew went on to paint many murals in Los Angeles, Mexico City, Brazil, Turkey.



Earth Crew 2000 began doing murals as
a way of promoting non-violence.

Brought together in 1989 by Helen Samuels due to the death of a friend from random gang violence, Earth Crew 2000 was created in Los Angeles as a policultural group of more than 20 Graffiti artists from different crews. They started by doing murals as a way of promoting unity, non-violence and bringing attention to the environment. In 1992 they did “Undiscovered America” to bring attention to the greatness of the gifts of the Indigenous cultures that were NOT discovered by the Spanish conquerors, a mural for healing century old wounds. They have painted at the first Earth Summit in Brazil in 1992, projects for the 1990 Los Angeles Festival, Amnesty International, and a national sports convention in Chicago. In addition, their nine panels honoring Native Americans are now on reservations around the country. In 1991, at the invitation of the Mexican government, they created several murals in Mexico City with local youth art groups. In 1996 EC2000 was invited to paint a mural by the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II) in Istanbul, Turkey.