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Press Contact: Helen Samuels 818-531-5187
Press Release



You are invited to our Grand Celebration in the Art District of the Historic mural “UNDISCOVERED AMERICA”.


ART SHARE is hosting the unveiling of the Aerosol MURAL
along with a Special Performance by Quinto Sol.

Location: Los Angeles Art District, 801 E. 4th Pl, Los Angeles , CA 90013


This recently refurbished mural was originally created in 1992 by Earth Crew 2000 to honor the greatness of the original Indigenous cultures living in the Americas that where not “discovered”. It has been recognized as the first mural in an area which was then labeled “Skid Row’ and now is the LA Art District.


Come, celebrate with us, enjoy the music (traditional and contemporary), and meet the Earth Crew Artists and Indigenous Elders. Discover the phenomenal story of how this mural came about and its place in the Chicano Arts world. Learn from Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. about the current alliances between Indigenous cultures worldwide. 


As a homage to the message on the wall there will be the opportunity to sign the “International Treaty to Protect and Restore Mother Earth” signed and ratified by Indigenous leaders and their allies across the Americas, Indonesia and beyond.


There will be poetry, storytelling, refreshments and other surprises.

Special Guests

Gloria Arellanes (Tongva Nation Grandmother)
Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr.
Jose Muñoz Mayan Sacred Calendars Day Keeper
Victor Viesca Professor at California State University


3pm or earlier: Suggested early arrival at Art District – for Parking and exploring


4pm: OPENING Ceremony in front of the “Undiscovered America” mural with the Artists, Indigenous elders, songs and Drum performances, speakers on the history of Graffiti and Chicano Arts


6pm: Everyone is welcome back to Art Share to meet the Earth Crew 2000 artists and speak with the elders and learn about the cultures of the original inhabitants native to this land, mix and mingle and share a drink

6:30pm: ART SHARE is hosting the Quinto Sol Concert in their Theatre. Enjoy the opportunity to meet with Honorary Indigenous Elders in the Salon and sign the International Treaty to Protect and Restore Mother Earth signed on Mother Earth Day, April 22, 2016 by Indigenous leaders across the Americas, Indonesia and beyond.

6:30pm: In another salon the Sacred Calendars Day Keeper José Muñoz will explain the millenary Mayan calendar and their Culture.

7pm: Art Share hosts two gallery openings.  All are welcome to stay and be involved.